About Posh Panda


My name is Kayla and I am the face behind all these Moccasins, Boots + Accessories. I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and Have 3 little ones at home with me.

I first started Posh Panda by making handcrafted items for my own babies and close friends and it has grown from there. Soon I realized my love for designing my own unique styles of mocs and boots that are both stylish and functional. These shoes really do stay put on the wiggliest of babes.

I hand make the highest quality genuine leather mocs and boots from my own home and I am extremely detail oriented and focussed on using the softest leathers and yarns for every item. All of my leather is ethically sourced and I want every item I make to be able to last so I really do try to make every single pair as perfect as I can and I hope that you can see that in my workmanship.

I wouldn't be able to do all this without the help and the support of all my family in all the craziness that comes with running your own handmade business out of your own home, and all while raising my own little Babies.

Thank you to everyone who helps keep me going by supporting a local handmade business.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me an email and I will personally respond as soon as possible. If I don't respond immediately its because I'm most likely nursing a baby, cleaning up a mess or sewing your orders!

Email: posh.panda@hotmail.com

Instagram Name: @posh.panda

Facebook: www.facebook.com/posh.panda